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An enterprise customer has a national WAN network based on DMVPN over the Internet, with sites located throughout
the country. The customer has recently deployed VoIP throughout the entire network , and users report that it takes up
to 2 seconds to establish a telephone call to an IP telephone at another office network. Drag and drop the root cause
and the corresponding design solution from the left onto the correct targets on the right Not all options are used
Select and Place:lead4pass 352-001 exam question q1

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 352-001 exam question q1-1


You have been asked to design a high-density wireless network for a university campus.
Which three principles would you apply in order to maximize the wireless network capacity? (Choose three.)
A. Increase the number of SSIDs to load-balance the client traffic.
B. Choose a high minimum data rate to reduce the duty cycle.
C. Make use of the 5-GHz band to reduce the spectrum utilization on 2.4 GHz when dual- band clients are used.
D. Enable 802.11ag channel bonding on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to increase the maximum aggregated cell
E. Use directional antennas to achieve better sector separation channel reuse.
F. Implement a four-channel design on 2.4 GHz to increase the number of available channels.
Correct Answer: BCE

Which two statements about the various types or DevOps tools are true? (Choose two)
A. Puppet requires the installation of a master (server) and agents (clients) architecture for configuring systems.
B. Salt cannot communicate with clients through general SSH, it use minions client agents only.
C. Puppet and Chef are written in Python, Python skills are a must to operate these two.
D. Ansible does not require agent node installation and uses SSH for performing all tasks.
E. Chef and Puppet are much more attuned to the needs of system administrators.
Correct Answer: AD


Which DCI technology utilizes a “flood and learn” technique to populate the Layer 2 forwarding table?
Correct Answer: A


Which open source message broker is in the Cisco Cloud Center?
A. Apache kafka
B. HornetQ
C. RabbitMQ
D. Fuse Message Broker
E. Oracle Message Broker
Correct Answer: C


Which two options are reasons for designing a large OSPF network with multiple areas connected to the backbone?
(Choose 2)
A. Reduce the number of routes within an area.
B. Route tagging capability.
C. Enhance failure detection.
D. Simplify logical topology.
E. Reduces SPF algorithm runs.
Correct Answer: AE


Your company will attach to a new Gigabit Ethernet-based wide area network from the local service provider for remote
connectivity. Each connection will have a 150 Mb/s committed information rate. For the design of this new service,
which QoS mechanism should be used to ensure low packet loss toward the service provider network?
A. shaping
B. policing
Correct Answer: A

Currently a service provider provides IPv4 traceroute services between MPLS PE routers. The provider wants to
implement IPv6 with MPLS 6PE/6VPE and then provide parallel IPv6 traceroute services between MPLS PE routers.
Which two design solutions provide this service? (Choose two.)
A. The P routers must support ICMPv6.
B. The PE routers must support ICMPv6.
C. The P routers must support full IPv6.
D. The PE routers must support full IPv6.
Correct Answer: BD


Which technology, implemented on aggregation-edge nodes at the aggregation layer, provides per-tenant isolation at
Layer 3, with separate dedicated per-tenant routing and forwarding tables on the inside interfaces of firewall contexts?
C. VRF-lite
Correct Answer: C


AS100 and AS200 each have two peering points in different parts of their network. AS100 would like to use one of the
links and keep the other link as backup. What should be changed for the design inside AS100 for prefixes received from
B. weight
D. local preference
Correct Answer: D

On a large-scale DMVPN network design, what are two DMVPN characteristics? (Choose two.)
A. DMVPN can interoperate with other vendors\\’ equipment.
B. DMVPN supports multicast replication at the hub.
C. DMVPN supports non-IP protocols.
D. DMVPN supports dynamic partial- or full-mesh tunnels.
Correct Answer: BD


Which statement is true about connecting an IP multicast domain that is operating in PIM dense mode to a PIM sparse
mode domain?
A. The interconnection must be made at the rendezvous point of the PIM sparse mode domain.
B. The connection can be made at any location in the network, as PIM sparse mode will inter-operate seamlessly with
PIM dense mode.
C. PIM dense mode and sparse mode domains are not inter-operable and cannot be connected.
D. The connection can be made at any location in the network, but PIM sparse mode and PIM dense mode cannot inter-
operate; IGMP must be used to provide the interconnection.
Correct Answer: A


When a multiprotocol environment is designed to have several routers redistribute among the routing domains, how can
routing loops be avoided?
A. by using the AS-PATH attribute
B. by using route tags
C. by activating split horizon
D. by implementing spanning tree
Correct Answer: B

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