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Cisco Certified DevNet Professional exam dumps

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Which two characteristics of a build tool that is used in an automated build pipeline? (Choose two.)

A. It runs unit tests against code that is committed.

B. It builds your software on the production environment.

C. It builds your software when changes are committed.

D. It builds your software every 500 milliseconds.

E. It must have a plug-in for Puppet and Maven.



Fill in the blanks to complete the statement.
When creating multiple containers, in order to allow communication with each other, you must create a __________ of
type _________ .
Correct Answer: pod, volume



A DevOps engineering wants to build an application implementation based on the CI/CD pipeline model. Which service should be used to provide hosted continuous service for open and private projects?

A. Ansible

B. pyATS

C. Genie CLI

D. Travis CI



A developer wants to deploy a highly available web server cluster and decides to put a load balancer in front of multiple clustered nodes that run the same web service. The goal is for the load balancer to take in users and distribute the load across the whole cluster.

What kind of high-availability configuration is the developer running?

A. active

B. passive

C. active-passive

D. active-active



A developer has created a deployment that should launch a pod to run their database service. The pod should launch
with a metadata name of “Cisco-DB,” and the developer has added it to the “Cisco” namespace in their deployment.

Which Kubernetes command confirms that the service is running and usable?

A. kubectl -n Cisco get services | grep “Cisco-DB”

B. kubectl -n Cisco get pods | grep “Cisco-DB”

C. kubectl get pods | grep “Cisco-DB”

D. kubectl -n Cisco get service | grep “Cisco-DB”



When DevOps practices are integrated into an existing organization, which two characteristics are positive indicators of
DevOps maturity? (Choose two.)

A. mean time between success

B. mean time to recover

C. cone testing

D. change lead time

E. age of codebase



cisco 300-910 exam questions q1

Refer to the exhibit. The exhibit shows the output of an Ansible task that prints the contents of the show_ip_int_brief
variable that was registered in a different task in the playbook. Which expression is used to print the output of the
command without its header row?

A. show_ip_int_brief[`stdout_lines\\’][0]

B. show_ip_int_brief[`stdout_lines\\’][1:]

C. show_ip_int_brief[`stdout_lines\\’][0][1:]

D. show_ip_int_brief[`stdout_lines\\’]



cisco 300-910 exam questions q1-1

Refer to the exhibit. What is causing the requests code to fail?

A. Rython3 is not compatible with requests.

B. The requests library is not imported.

C. The requests library is not installed.

D. The requests coming into stdin fail because device_ip cannot be parsed.



AppDynamics is being used to monitor your distributed Python application. Each individual container of the application is instrumented with an AppD agent. Which two configuration variables uniquely determine the module being monitored? (Choose two.)

A. node

B. app

C. agent

D. tier

E. event



Which two statements about Infrastructure as Code are true? (Choose two.)

A. Test-driven development practices make use of Infrastructure as Code.

B. Infrastructure as Code refers to automated testing libraries.

C. DevOps builds upon Infrastructure as Code.

D. Infrastructure as Code is based on practices from software development.

E. Infrastructure as Code must use the same programming language as the application.



Construct an Ansible script to gather information about target routers and then use it to apply no ip redirects to every
interface on each device. Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the correct location in the exhibit to complete the tasks section of the Ansible playbook so that it accomplishes your goal.
Select and Place:

cisco 300-910 exam questions q11

Correct Answer:

cisco 300-910 exam questions q11-1




Which Kubernetes object is used to create a ClusterIP or NodePort?

A. service

B. pod

C. deployment

D. loadbalancer



To make logging searches more efficient and useful in Kibana, an Administrator wants to implement index patterns
around the hostname of some software systems. Where should this be configured?

A. Configure a new JSON object in Kibana.

B. Create a search index in Logstash.

C. Create an index pattern in Kibana.

D. Create a time filter on Kibana to look at time only.



A developer is nearing the end of a software development cycle and is ready to deploy the software. The customer
wants to continue using a secure software development lifecycle methodology and must plan for postproduction
components. Which two areas should be the developer address? (Choose two.)

A. performing code reviews

B. requirement gathering

C. change management process

D. new code scanning

E. rollback plans



Which two actions help limit the attack surface of your Docker container? (Choose two.)

A. Run only a single service in each container.

B. Run all services in a single image.

C. Use version tags for base images and dependencies.

D. Use Kali Linux as a base image.

E. Download images over HTTPS supporting sites.

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