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A high-end theater venue will be implementing an Aruba wireless solution using ceiling- and wall- mounted APs. The
venue wants to ensure the the APs blend into the ceiling and wall environments. What solution should the customer use
to ensure that wireless coverage is not hampered?
A. Place the APs above the ceiling and behind the walls
B. Place a strip of tape over the LEDs
C. Order Aruba AP covers for the APs
D. Paint the APs to match the ceilings or walls
Correct Answer: A


Which feature does the Aruba AP 555 support? (Select two.)
A. 802.11ac and lower standards only
B. desk wall plate mounted
C. three radios
D. weather proof and temperature hardened
E. high density indoor locations
Correct Answer: AE


A customer currently has sets of three Aruba 5406R switches deployed for an access layer in multiple wiring closets in a
building They are clustered in a VSF domain The customer wants to set up Multiple Active Detection (MAD) for the
OOBM port, as well as use this port for remote management access. To simplify the connectivity, the customer wants to
connect these three switches\\’ OOBM ports to a separate switch in the wiring closet for the OOBM connectivity. Which
would be the most cost-effective solution that would meet the customer\\’s requirements?
A. 2530
B. 5406R
C. 2930F
D. 2930M
Correct Answer: A

A network architect wants to estimate the number of Aruba APs that will be needed Tor a new wireless design and
determine the wireless coverage using VisualRF. The company requires a high- density design. The building has
200.000 square feet.
How many APs should the network architect add to VisualRF in order to perform the coverage analysis?
A. 40
B. 80
C. 60
D. 100
Correct Answer: C


A wiring closet with a POE+ switch is 250 feet (76 meters) away from an AP on a building floor. The AP\\’s smart-rate
port is connected to a smart-rate port on the switch, which is capable of 10 Gbps. The cable type is Cat5e STP.
What is the maximum speed that the customer can expect from the connected AP?
A. 2.5 Gbps
B. 1 Gbps
C. 5 Gbps
D. 10 Gbps
Correct Answer: A


A network architect imports a floorplan defined in a PNG file format. What is the function of the measurement tool in
Aruba\\’s VisualRF?
A. Define the appropriate dimensions of each object in a Floorplan View
B. Define the appropriate dimensions of a Floorplan and Building View
C. Define the appropriate dimensions of a Floorplan View
D. Define the appropriate dimensions of each room in a Floorplan View
Correct Answer: A

When determining a customer\\’s agenda and clarifying their expectations for a new HPE/Aruba deployment, which two
questions should be asked during the stakeholder checklist? (Select two.)
A. What business problems are you trying to solve?
B. What is the networking experience of onsite personnel?
C. Which help desk system is deployed?
D. is a request for proposal or actual bill of materials (BOM) required?
E. What is your anticipated growth of the environment?
Correct Answer: AD


Which must you perform in IRIS to assign a device to a Design Group?
A. Right-click the device and select Set Layer Membership
B. Right-click the device and select Set Design Group
C. Drag and drop the device into the Site
D. Drag and drop the device into the Design Group
Correct Answer: D


A network architect plans to use two ArubaOS 5406 switches in a wiring closet configured in a VSF domain The VSF
link requires a 40 GDps connection. Which SFP+ transceiver solutions would meet this requirement?
C. SmartRate
Correct Answer: C

A company has two buildings on a campus, where each building has three floors, which two wiring closets per floor
Assume that there will be 24 APs connected via POE+ to each wiring closet, along with 128 wired user connections.
Which backplane stacking solution will provide the necessary Ethernet port capacity for all devices on Building 1 Floor 2
and is fully meshed?
A. Two 381 OM 24-port POE+ switches and three 381OM 48-port switches per wiring closet
B. Two 2930F 24-port POE+ switches and three 2930F 48-port switches per wiring closet
C. One 2930M 24-port POE+ switch and two 2930M 48-port switches per wiring closet
D. One 381 OM 24-port POE+ switches and two 2930M 48-port switches per wiring closet
Correct Answer: C


A company has a warehouse that requires ruggedized APs to provide wireless access The APs need to support these
characteristics: 2 or more spatial streams
802.11 ac and 802.11 n support
Cat 7 Ethernet cabling will be used to connect the APs to POE+ capable switches Link aggregation should be employed
between the APs and the Ethernet switches.
Which would be the most cost- effective solution that would meet the company\\’s requirements?
A. AP 375 with external omnidirectional antennas
B. AP 365 with integrated omnidirectional antennas
C. AP 318 with external omnidirectional antennas
D. AP 510 with external omnidirectional antennas and plastic AP cover
Correct Answer: C


Which AP mode allows an AP to operate autonomously?
Correct Answer: D


A customer has over 100 access layer switches. The customer requires user authentication done via the Aruba
Dynamic Segmentation feature. What components are required to implement this solution? (Select two.)
A. enterpnse authentication server
B. Aruba APs
C. Aruba mobility controller
D. AirWave server
E. Active Directory server
Correct Answer: CD

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