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Latest Updates Atlassian ACP-100 Exam Practice Questions and Answers


A public relations firm is using Jira to track projects by client engagement. Each new engagement with a client is tracked
in a new project. Users are complaining that it is hard to navigate and search hundreds of projects. View the Exhibit,
which shows a sample of their projects on the View All Projects page.

Identify three project settings that will immediately improve the viewing of projects on this page and the search results in
Issue Navigator. (Choose three.)
A. Add URLs for search engine optimization.
B. Add project tags.
C. Add client logos as project avatars.
D. Create project categories by the client.
E. Add project descriptions.
F. Set the project lead to the appropriate Project Administrator.

Correct Answer: ABE


A project lead wants to conduct historical trend analysis, but she is worried that older issues are being updated in a way
that inhibits their comparison. She wants to take a snapshot of the data in her project at regular intervals so she can
compare different periods.
Which tool will help meet this need?
A. Backup Jira data
B. Project Export
C. JQL Results Snapshot
D. Issue Filter Export to CSV

Correct Answer: D


Your marketing group is using Jira to track media print advertisements. They would like to track TV and radio
commercials as well.
The same team handles all three formats, but each format requires a unique workflow. The team would like to keep
everything on the same dashboard and they will also be using the same permissions, notifications, and screens.
Without using third-party apps, how should you configure Jira to meet these requirements?
A. Clone the existing project and key for TV and Radio.
B. Copy the existing permissions and notification schemes, and associate them with new projects for TV and Radio.
C. Create a sub-component hierarchy.
D. Create two new projects for TV and Radio.
E. Add TV and Radio into the existing project as components.
F. Use issue types of Print, Radio, and TV in the existing project.

Correct Answer: D


A project manager wants to stay aware of the support requests that are being raised in his project.
He wants to know if:
the team is able to handle the number of issues that are being raised in the project
there are team members who work on more than 2 issues at any given time there are sets of issues that need
significantly more time to resolve when compared to others over time Which three gadgets will show him the information
he needs? (Choose three.)
A. Activity Stream
B. Created vs. Resolved Chart
C. Two Dimensional Filter Statistics
D. Resolution Time
E. Labels

Correct Answer: ACE


A team requests updates to the behavior of some fields in the project. The project uses three issue types: Problem,
Incident, and Change. The desired configuration is shown below: Which configuration update will meet the

trainingolives acp-100 q5

A. Configure individual screens for each issue type and update the priority scheme.
B. Configure individual field configuration for each custom field and update the priority scheme.
C. Create unique field contexts for each issue type for the desired fields.
D. Configure individual field configurations for each issue type.
E. Configure individual field contexts for each custom field and update the priority scheme.
F. Configure individual screens for any combination of issue operation and issue type.

Correct Answer: E


Your administration project is configured as follows:
there are three issue types that all share a single workflow all project users are members of the Project Users project
role all members of the Administrators project role have the Set Issue Security permission project administrators are the
only users who can create issues
You are tasked with replacing the Project Users project role with three distinct team project roles, each solely
responsible for one of the issue types.
Which additional requirement can be met by individual workflows per issue type?
A. The system field Component/s needs to be required when creating two out of the three existing issue types.
B. Each issue type needs a dedicated set of individual project components.
C. The reporter and current assignee of each issue should always have access to view it.
D. Only members of the dedicated teams should be able to view and work on the issues they are responsible for.
E. Individual notifications should be sent out depending on the selected issue type.

Correct Answer: C


You are tidying up a Jira project and find that the following two issue types are being used.
They seem very similar. If both are not needed, you could convert all existing Assignment issues in the project into Task
issues and remove the Assignment issue type from the project.
Which project configurations would you check to see if it is necessary to keep the two as separate issue types instead?
(Choose three.)
A. Issue Security Levels
B. Field Configurations
C. Components
D. Permissions
E. Workflows
F. Field Contexts

Correct Answer: ABF


A project has hundreds of old completed issues which are cluttering up the reports, searches, and dashboards. The
project administrator has the following requirements:
He wants to hide the old issues.
He wants to unhide issues if needed.
He wants to control whether he himself sees the hidden issues, so they do not clutter his own daily work. Which three
configurations, when combined, will meet these requirements? (Choose three.)
A. security level
B. project permission
C. workflow condition
D. project role
E. global permission
F. group

Correct Answer: BDF


Contractors will begin using your Jira instance. You receive the following requirements for them:

trainingolives acp-100 q9

How should you manage global permissions for the contractor’s user group?
A. Grant them the Browse User’s permission.
B. Grant them the Bulk Change permission.
C. Grant them the Jira System Administrators permission.
D. Grant them the Manage Group Filter Subscriptions permission.
E. Grant them the Create Shared Objects permission.

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiracloud/managing-project-permissions-776636362.html


A team of technical writers works in the WRITE project. The project uses a single, shared workflow.
To better match the team\’s way of working they request a workflow change:
The initial status of their project\’s workflow should be changed from Open to Awaiting Inspiration.
You navigate to the Workflows section of the administration, update the Name of the status in the workflow designer and
publish your change.
What are the two implications of this change? (Choose two.)
A. The workflow scheme for the WRITE project will need to be published before the change takes effect.
B. Awaiting Inspiration will be created as a new Status in Jira.
C. Transitions to the Awaiting Inspiration status will fail until the post functions for those transitions are updated.
D. Filters and Gadgets that referred to the Open status by name will be broken.
E. The Open Status will be changed to Awaiting Inspiration in all workflows using that status.

Correct Answer: AB


The operations team currently uses the OPS project to track their tasks. They have a new requirement to begin handling
change requests. Inspect the partial summary of the current OPS project configuration:

trainingolives acp-100 q11

Which two requirements would require creating a new project? (Choose two.)
A. Change requests will not use versions.
B. Change requests will have different component leads.
C. Change requests will have a different workflow.
D. Change requests will notify different people for all system events.
E. Change requests will require the Due Date field to be populated.

Correct Answer: DE


You have a project with several issue types, associated unique workflows, and a number of components.
The decision has been made to have all new issues assigned automatically.
To that end, you\’ve set default assignee(s) for the project lead, component leads, and removed the Assignee field from
the screens associated with the Create Issue operation.
One of the issue types is still being created without an Assignee.
What is the most likely cause of the problem?
A. The issue type\’s field configuration for Component/s is not set to Required.
B. The default assignee for the issues\’ component is still set to Unassign.
C. The post function Assign to Lead Developer is missing in the create transition.
D. Users creating this issue type do not have the Assign Issue permission.
E. The assignee is being set to Unassigned in the first post-function of the create transition.

Correct Answer: E


You needed to replace the legacy Jira group all-staff-Europe with a newly created all-staff-global group.
You created the new group and you migrated all users to the new group.
Then you deleted the legacy group.
Which four problems might users report after the change? (Choose four.)
A. Filter subscriptions send out errors instead of issues statistics.
B. Workflow transitions are hidden from certain users.
C. Users are not able to perform bulk change operations.
D. Users are not able to log in to Jira anymore.
E. Comments that were restricted to the legacy group are lost.
F. Filter results return an incorrect number of issues.

Correct Answer: BCEF

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