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LX0-104 dumps
Which of the following commands is used to rotate, compress, and mail system logs?
A. rotatelog
B. striplog
C. syslogd –rotate
D. logrotate
E. logger
Correct Answer: D

What of the following statements is true regarding a display manager?
A. A display manager handles remote X11 logins only and has no purpose on a system that is not attached to a network.
B. The display manager is configured in the X11 configuration file xorg.conf.
C. There is only one display manager X11DM that must be started on all systems running X11.
D. After system startup, the display manager handles the login of a user.
E. Without a display manager, no graphical programs can be run.
Correct Answer: D

How is a display manager started?
A. It is started by a user using the command startx.
B. It is started like any other system service by the init system.
C. It is started by inetd when a remote hosts connects to the X11 port.
D. It is started automatically when a X11 user logs in to the system console.
Correct Answer: B

Depending on the host\’s configuration, which of the following files can be used to turn on and off network services running on a host? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. /etc/profile
B. /etc/services
C. /etc/inetd.conf
D. /etc/xinetd.conf
E. /etc/host.conf
Correct Answer: CD

Which of the following commands shows the current color depth of the X Server?
A. xcd
B. xcdepth
C. xwininfo
D. xcolordepth
E. cat /etc/X11
Correct Answer: C

What is not contained in the locale setting of the operating system? LX0-104 dumps
A. currency symbol
B. language
C. timezone
D. thousands separator
Correct Answer: C

Why should a regular user edit his personal crontab by using the command crontab instead of just editing his crontab file manually?
A. Because user specific crontab entries are stored in a common database and must be extracted before editing.
B. Because crontab starts the cron daemon in case it is not running due to no other crontab entries existing.
C. Because user specific crontab entries are stored in a special directory which is maintained by the cron daemon and not writable for regular users.
D. Because crontab collects information about all users crontabs and recommends similar commands used by other users of the system.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is a legacy program provided by CUPS for sending files to the printer queues on the command line?
A. lpd
B. lpp
C. lpq
D. lpr
Correct Answer: D

After issuing:
function myfunction { echo $1 $2 ; }
in Bash, which output does:
myfunction A B C
A. A B
B. A B C
C. A C
D. B C
E. C B A
Correct Answer: A

What is the purpose of the dig command?
A. It can be used as a tool for querying DNS servers.
B. It can be used for searching through indexed file content.
C. It can be used to look for open ports on a system.
D. It can be used to ping all known hosts on the current subnet.
Correct Answer: A

In order to discover the link layer address of the device that owns a specific IPv4 or IPv6 address, which mechanism is used?
A. Both IPv4 and IPv6 use ARP.
B. Both IPv4 and IPv6 use Neighbor Discovery.
C. IPv4 uses ARP while IPv6 uses Neighbor Discovery.
D. IPv4 uses Neighbor Discovery while IPv6 uses ARP.
E. Both IPv4 and IPv6 can use either ARP or Neighbor Discovery depending on the network.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following are commonly used Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) applications? LX0-104 dumps (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. Postfix
B. Procmail
C. Sendmail
D. Exim
Correct Answer: ACD

Which of the following programs uses the hosts.allow file to perform its main task of checking for access control restrictions to system services?
A. tcpd
B. inetd
C. fingerd
D. mountd
E. xinetd
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following commands gets the GnuPG public key with the id 63B4835B from the keyserver example.com?
A. gpg –keyserver hkp://example.com –recv-key 63B4835B
B. gpg –search-key hkp://[email protected]
C. gpg –keyserver gpg://example.com –get-key 63B4835B
D. gpg –keyserver hkp://example.com –add-key 63B4835B
E. gpg –keyserver gpg://example.com –key 63B4835B
Correct Answer: A

To prevent a specific user from scheduling tasks with at, what should the administrator do?
A. Add the specific user to /etc/at.allow file.
B. Add the specific user to [deny] section in the /etc/atd.conf file.
C. Add the specific user to /etc/at.deny file.
D. Add the specific user to nojobs group.
E. Run the following: atd –deny [user].
Correct Answer: C

On a machine running several X servers, how are the different instances of the X11 server identified?
A. By a fixed UUID that is defined in the X11 configuration file.
B. By a unique IPv6 address from the fe80::/64 subnet.
C. By the name of the user that runs the X server like x11:bob.
D. By a device name like /dev/X11/xservers/1.
E. By a display name like:1.
Correct Answer: E

How many bits make up an IPv6 address? LX0-104 dumps
A. 32
B. 48
C. 64
D. 128
E. 256
Correct Answer: D

Which command will set the local machine\’s timezone to UTC?
A. cat UTC andgt; /etc/timezone
B. ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC /etc/localtime
C. date –timezone=UTC
D. mv /usr/timezone/UTC /etc
Correct Answer: B

What is true regarding public and private SSH keys? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. Several different public keys may be generated for the same private key.
B. The private key must never be revealed to anyone.
C. For each user account, there is exactly one key pair that can be used to log into that account.
D. To maintain the private key\’s confidentiality, the SSH key pair must be created by its owner.
E. To allow remote logins, the user\’s private key must be copied to the remote server.
Correct Answer: BD

Which of the following is true regarding the mail queue of a mail server? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. The messages in the queue must be readable by all users as the queue may contain messages for several users.
B. According to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) the queue is located at /var/mail/spool.
C. There is exactly one mail queue per user which holds all new messages for that user before they are moved to other folders by the user\’s mail client.
D. The queue holds all messages that are processed by the mail server but have not yet been completely delivered.
E. The content of the mail queue can be queried by the command mailq.
Correct Answer: DE

For accessibility assistance, which of the following programs is an on-screen keyboard?
A. xkb
B. atkb
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following fields can be found in the /etc/group file? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. The list of users that belong to the group.
B. The home directory of the group.
C. The name of the group.
D. The description of the group.
E. The password of the group.
Correct Answer: ACE

Given the following routing table
Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface U 9 0 0 wlan0
Why does the command route add default gw fail?
A. Because there is no route to
B. Because only one route can exist at a time.
C. Because there is already a default route.
D. Because default routes can not be set manually.
E. Because default routes must be set with ifconfig.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is observed and corrected by a NTP client? LX0-104 dumps
A. The skew in time between the system clock and the hardware clock.
B. The skew in time between the system clock and the reference clock.
C. Changes in the time zone of the current computer\’s location.
D. Adjustments needed to support Daylight Saving Time.
Correct Answer: B

Which command makes the shell variable named VARIABLE visible to subshells?
A. export $VARIABLE
B. export VARIABLE
Correct Answer: B

How do shadow passwords improve the password security in comparison to standard passwd passwords?
A. Shadow passwords are stored in plain text and can be checked for weak passwords.
B. Every shadow password is valid for 45 days and must be changed afterwards.
C. The system\’s host key is used to strongly encrypt all shadow passwords.
D. Shadow passwords are always combined with a public key that has to match the user\’s private key.
E. Regular users do not have access to the password hashes of shadow passwords.
Correct Answer: E

Which of the following is a correct entry in the /etc/hosts file?
A. localhost localhost.localdomain
B. localhost.localdomain localhost
C. localhost localhost.localdomain
D. localhost.localdomain localhost
E. localhost.localdomain localhost
Correct Answer: D

What output will the command seq 10 produce?
A. A continuous stream of numbers increasing in increments of 10 until stopped.
B. The numbers 1 through 10 with one number per line.
C. The numbers 0 through 9 with one number per line.
D. The number 10 to standard output.
Correct Answer: B

What is true regarding the file ~/.forward?
A. As it is owned by the MTA and not writable by the user, it must be edited using the editaliases command.
B. After editing ~/.forward the user must run newaliases to make the mail server aware of the changes.
C. Using ~/.forward, root may configure any email address whereas all other users may configure only their own addresses.
D. When configured correctly, ~/.forward can be used to forward each incoming mail to more than one other recipient.
Correct Answer: D

What is NTP?
A. A more secure protocol replacement for FTP.
B. A protocol for synchronizing time on computers.
C. A routing aid for finding next hops on a network.
D. A simple tunnelling protocol for computers behind firewalls.
Correct Answer: B

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