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What does the network MTBF indicate?
A. the speed of the network
B. the reliability of the network
C. the age of the network
D. the cost of the network
Correct Answer: B


You are designing a WAN implementation to securely connect two remote sites to the corporate office. A public Internet
connection will be used for the connections. Which statement is true in this situation?
A. The connection should be secured using IPsec.
B. The WAN edge devices must support MPLS.
C. The connections support Layer 2 traffic bridging.
D. The service provider can isolate traffic in a private MPLS instance.
Correct Answer: A


Which two features would cause latency in a WAN connection? (Choose two.)
B. Syslog
C. telemetry
D. UTM antivirus
Correct Answer: AD


Why would you recommend Junos Space Security Director in a network design?
A. It simplifies Ethernet switch deployments and provides rapid operation of campus and data center networks.
B. It provides the power to quickly design, provision, and deliver MPLS and other Ethernet services.
C. It helps administrators to more quickly and intuitively manage all phases of a security policy life cycle.
D. It provides detection, isolation, and resolution of network faults and incidents.
Correct Answer: C


Which two statements are true about a service-centric data center model? (Choose two.)
A. A service-centric data center model pools compute resources.
B. A service-centric data center model pools storage resources.
C. A service-centric data center model does not pool storage resources.
D. A service-centric data center model does not pool compute resources.
Correct Answer: AB


Which three steps are part of business continuity planning? (Choose three.)
A. Assess the risks.
B. Know your staff.
C. Know your network.
D. Understand your tools.
E. Test the plan.
Correct Answer: ABC


You are asked to secure the routing engine of all Junos devices in your design. The design should not affect transit
traffic. Which action will accomplish this task?
A. Use a firewall filter on a revenue port.
B. Use a firewall filter on the loopback interface.
C. Use a firewall filter on the fxp0 interfaces.
D. Use a firewall filter on the management interface.
Correct Answer: B


What should be included in a network design to improve resiliency?
A. climate control systems
B. redundant power supplies
C. out-of-band management
D. in-band management
Correct Answer: B


You are in the process of developing a business continuity plan for your network design. You must analyze data about
weather patterns, maintenance history pertaining to leased buildings, and the frequency of power failures. For which
purpose would you collect this information?
A. risk assessment
B. redundancy
C. high availability
D. disaster recovery
Correct Answer: A


What are the two main data center profile solution templates? (Choose two.)
A. adaptive
B. transitional
C. high-performance computing
D. enterprise IT
Correct Answer: CD


What are two characteristics of using the Virtual Chassis technology in the aggregation tier of a data center? (Choose
A. You can fully use all up-links from the access tier.
B. It increases the control-plane complexity.
C. If reduces the control plane complexity.
D. You cannot fully use all up-links from the access tier.
Correct Answer: AC


What are two features used to enable high availability? (Choose two.)
B. chassis clustering
C. full-duplex mode
Correct Answer: AB


In a Virtual Chassis Fabric, which two platforms are supported? (Choose two.)
A. EX Series
B. SRX Series
C. MX Series
D. QFX Series
Correct Answer: AD

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