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Question No : 1
Given the code fragment:
DataFormat df;
Which statement defines a new Dateformat object that displays the default date format for the UK Locale?
A. df = DateFormat.getdatDataInstance (DateFormat.DEFAULT, Locale (UK));
B. df = DateFormat.getdatDataInstance (DateFormat.DEFAULT, UK);
C. df = DateFormat.getdatDataInstance (DateFormat.DEFAULT, Locale.UK);
D. df = new DateFormat.getdatDataInstance (DateFormat.DEFAULT, Locale.UK);
E. df = new DateFormat.getdatDataInstance (DateFormat.DEFAULT, Locale (UK));
Answer: C

The UK locale is constructed with Locale.UK.
To format a date for a different Locale, specify it in the call to getDateInstance(). 1Z0-804 pdf DateFormat df = Date Format. get Date Instance (Date Format. LONG, Locale. FRANCE); Note: get Date Instance (int style, Locale aLocale)
Gets the date formatter with the given formatting style for the given locale.

Question No : 2
Sam has designed an application. It segregates tasks that are critical and executed frequently from tasks that are non critical and executed less frequently. He has prioritized these tasks based on their criticality and frequency of execution. After close scrutiny, he finds that the tasks designed to be non critical are rarely getting executed.
From what kind of problem is the application suffering?
A. race condition
B. starvation
C. deadlock
D. livelock
Answer: C

Starvation describes a situation where a thread is unable to gain regular access to shared resources and is unable to make progress. This happens when shared resources are made unavailable for long periods by “greedy” threads. For example, suppose an object provides a synchronized method that often takes a long time to return. If one thread invokes this method frequently, other threads that also need frequent synchronized access to the same object will often be blocked.
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Question No : 3           1Z0-804 dumps
Which two codes correctly represent a standard language locale code?
C. U8
D. Es
E. fr
F. u8
Answer: A,D

Language codes are defined by ISO 639, an international standard that assigns two- and three-letter codes to 1Z0-804 pdf most languages of the world. Locale uses the two-letter codes to identify the target language.

Question No : 4
Which two code blocks correctly initialize a Locale variable?
A. Locale loc1 = “UK”;
B. Locale loc2 = Locale.getInstance(“ru”);
C. Locale loc3 = Locale.getLocaleFactory(“RU”);
D. Locale loc4 = Locale.UK;
E. Locale loc5 = new Locale(“ru”, “RU”);
Answer: D,E

D: The Locale class provides a number of convenient constants that you can use to create Locale objects for commonly used locales. For example, the following creates a Locale object for the United States:
E: Create a Locale object using the constructors in this class:
Locale(String language)
Locale(String language, String country)
Locale(String language, String country, String variant)

Question No : 5
Which statement declares a generic class?
A. public class Example < T >{ }
B. public class { }
C. public class Example <> { }
D. public class Example (Generic){ }
E. public class Example (G) { }
F. public class Example { }
Answer: A

Question No : 6
When using the default file system provider with a JVM running on a DOS-based file system, which statement is true?
A. DOS file attributes can be read as a set in a single method call.
B. DOS file attributes can be changed as a set in a single method call.
C. DOS file attributes can be modified for symbolic links and regular files.
D. DOS file attributes can be modified in the same method that creates the file.
Answer: A

File attributes associated with a file in a file 1Z0-804 dumps system that supports legacy

Question No : 7
Given this error message when running your application:
Exception in thread “main” java.util.MissingResourceException: Can’t find bundle for base name MessageBundle, locale
And given that the MessageBundle.properties file has been created, exists on your disk, and is properly formatted.
What is the cause of the error message?
A. The file is not in the environment path.
B. The file is not in the classpath.
C. The file is not in the javapath.
D. You cannot use a file to store a ResourceBundle.
Answer: D

Resource Bundle. get Bundle is using a resource name; it isn’t called Resource Bundle for 1Z0-804 pdf nothing. You can create a custom ClassLoader and use that to load the data.

Question No : 8
Given a language code of fr and a country code of FR, which file name represents a resource bundle file name that is not the default?
A. MessageBundle_fr_FR.properties
B. MessageBundle_fr_FR.profile
C. MessageBundle_fr_FR.xinl
D. MessageBundle__fr__FR.Java
E. MessageBundle__fr__FR.Locale
Answer: A

The default file is Message Bundle. properties.
The non-default file name is MessageBundle_fr_FR.properties
Note 0: .properties is a file extension for 1Z0-804 dumps files mainly used in Java related technologies to store the configurable parameters of an application. They can also be used for storing strings for Internationalization and localization; these are known as Property Resource Bundles.
Each parameter is stored as a pair of strings, one storing the name of the parameter (called the key), and the other storing the value.

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