First Day of School

Last night was the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics and, even though I lost interest after the swimming and gymnastics were over, it’s always kind of a sad thing.  Mark and I were talking about how different things will look in 2016 for our family:

*Ty will be TWENTY YEARS OLD.  Oh my…

*Jake will be an official adult himself at 18!  That’s 2 grown children, folks… where’s my brown paper bag??

*Juju will be driving

*Andrew will be a teenager

*And the babies will be starting school.

Just four short years and that will be the way our picture looks, Lord willing.  I’m glad Mark and I  had that conversation last night because it causes me to love and appreciate the here and now even more.  Especially today, as the Westie Crew starts their 12th (yes TWELVE… man, I’m getting old!) year of homeschooling.  I really love this gig.  Even when it doesn’t go the way I’ve planned… which is pretty much always…  it’s still such a blessing.




  1. DonDee Osburn says:

    What a precious legacy! I will begin my 8th year this year…I would have never made it this far without you. God is good.

  2. It’s just crazy how these years add up!! I can still CLEARY remember calling you “fresh meat” all those years ago… ROFLOL!! :D Love ya, girl <3

  3. Josh and I had the exact same conversation last night- about how old our kids will be by the next summer olympics! Alaya will be 20, Kade 17, Jake 13, and Micah 11. Who knows what will happen between now and then- a lot of things can happen, even though it will fly by! Hope your first day went well :)

  4. Wow. That’s something to think about.

    By the next summer olympics, Landon and I will be in the poor house trying to feed four teenage boys. The girls will be 11, 7, and 3. Yipes!

    We start school next Monday. I’m so looking forward to it!

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