Dead Crustaceans and Scavenger Hunts

The first week of school after a lazy summer is always an eye-opener!  We usually just ease in so we don’t all end up in an asylum somewhere, but even still, it’s always a bunch of adjustment which ushers in the feeling of being weary by the time you hit mid-week.  Now you know it’s normal if you’ve ever felt like this. ;)   But it’s all good.

Jake is using a new writing program this year that is based completely online.  Since I will have two babies in just a few short months, I was looking for something that is a little less teacher-intensive than IEW.  I didn’t want to forsake good quality though, and by George, I think we’ve found it.   There is an real instructor who gives feedback with each assignment and everything!   It’s called Time 4 Writing and, so far, we are both fans.   It’s definitely worth looking into if you are in need of something a little more hands-off as a parent.

Speaking of babies, while I was newly pregnant with this little one back in the Spring, we were running into dissection time in Ty’s Biology course.  Well, morning sickness and mutilating stinky dead things don’t exactly mix well together, so, we held off on the dissections until today (we still have 2 more to go… one of them being a frog, but I digress).

The whole Crew was completely captivated in the slaying of the poor crayfish.  There wasn’t a single one in the lot of them that felt tortured, which is a little shocking.  The whole thing was interesting enough, but I think our specimen had been in Glory for quite a while, so a lot of her (and I KNOW it was a girl, thankyouverymuch)… a lot of her innards were no longer distinguishable.

I CAN safely say, however, that you probably won’t be catching me at any Crawfish Boils anytime soon, though.  As we say here in the South:  “I’ve been rurnt” (ruined)… probably for life… haha!

On a less grody note, I took the Middles (Juju and Andrew) on a Nature Scavenger Hunt about a week-and-a-half-ago.  I found the idea on Pinterest and I thought it looked like something they’d enjoy.  And they really did!  I gave them each a list of the stuff they were to find…

…a bag, some markers, and FREEDOM to roam the woods…

Once they were finished, they laid out all their booty and explained each thing to Jake and I.


They did a really great job and had fun at the same time!  The most interesting thing was unearthing an old Coke bottle, which Andrew deemed his “treasure” on the list.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it probably wasn’t that old after all.  ;)   After sitting patiently the whole time, Isabella got a little treat, too, when Jake broke out the bubbles.

I don’t know how to attach the document here that I created for the Scavenger Hunt, but I’d be happy to share it via email if you’ll let me know.  It really was a nice idea for getting the kids out of the house for awhile.

Alrighty, I’d better get something started for dinner.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Wow. I’m impressed. Pregnant, and 5 other children, one a baby, first week of school and isn’t this the 2nd blog post this week. You rock, Mama Gayle!

    • Hahaha.. no rocking here, friend. Just waaaaaay sad that I’ve missed so much documenting of the Crew. It’s driving me to keep posting. :)

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